Prep for Shabbat Kodesh

I begin getting ready for Shabbat on Wednesday. Each day I do one thing to prepare for The Big Day! I may go shopping, put my candles out, do some cleaning and organizing, or getting bills out of the way. I begin to mentally prepare for the ending of the week and the special time set aside for reflection and meditative prayer, song, and sharing, if I’m lucky. I read about the Parsha and anything special for that particular Shabbat. In short, I try to psych myself up and put myself in the mood to receive The Holy Sabbath Queen. With this little bit of added prep time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I am completely ready in the right frame of mind for Shabbat’s Arrival. For me, the right preparation is equal in importance to the actual observance and celebration of Shabbat. It is a slow crescendo build up culminating with formally benching lecht to welcome the Sabbath Day.